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ConnectedRide Smartglasses

The ConnectedRide Smartglasses Medium project riding-related information and navigation instructions directly into the rider’s field of vision. This keeps the rider’s eyes on the road and the traffic situation – less distraction, more safety. The glasses are very slim and easy to wear under your helmet.

: Grey

: M

[Part Number]: 76507108501

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[Product Details]
  • Slimline Smartglasses for motorcycling
  • Less distraction, eyes are kept on the road
  • Display speed, speed limit, gear and navigation instructions in the rider’s field of vision
  • Connected to the motorcycle via the BMW Motorrad Connected app
  • Displays can be configured via the app
  • Interchangeable lenses, tinted and 85% transparent lenses supplied
  • Integrated light sensor automatically adjusts the displays
  • Sporty look.
  • Size: Medium

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