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All motorcycles are supplied only with equipment required by law (e.g. reflectors as per Euro 4 standard). Illustrations on this website may differ from this.
All motorcycles are supplied only with equipment required by law (e.g. reflectors as per Euro 4 standard). Illustrations on this website may differ from this.
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The BMW C evolution.

For a future without compromise.

With the BMW C evolution, you can experience the urban mobility of tomorrow today – without having to make any compromises. On the contrary: this electro maxi scooter combines sustainability, dynamics and agility in a single design which draws all the looks. It not only allows you to leave the exhaust gases and noise behind, but also every other vehicle in urban traffic with ease. The powerful, fully-electric drive quickly brings you to your destination and in so doing ensures sheer riding pleasure. And thanks to a range of up to 160 kilometres, your joy will last all day long. Added to this are four riding modes and intelligent energy recuperation when braking and accelerating. Maximised riding performance, environmental compatibility, innovative technologies – the C evolution is uncompromising riding pleasure.

The design of the C evolution

A design that embodies the future.

The shape of the C evolution speaks futuristic and is at first sight typical of BMW Motorrad. LED daytime running light, LED lights and the big TFT display emphasise the technological lead. Concurrently, the striking split-face definitely relegates to the membership of the BMW Motorrad family.  The new Metallic mineral grey / Black colour makes a bold statement and, combined with the black side trim panel, paves the way for elegance. In addition, the new graphic on the side covering makes the electric maxi-scooter look more modern. High-quality processing and excellent details like the coloured bench seams or the tinted windshield complete the design. 

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Powerful electric motor

kW (48 PS) at 4,650 rpm
s acceleration 0-50 km/h
Nm max. torque
km range per WMTC
Liquid-cooled E machine

Energised drive.

Energised drive.

Unlike traditional combustion engines, the electric drive in the C evolution offers a spontaneous and very direct power transmission. There is no delay in the build up of torque. You have the full power at your disposal right from the word go.

With a peak output of 35 kW (48 bhp) and 72 Nm of torque at the "crankshaft" in theoretical terms, it actually produces a torque of almost 600 Nm at the rear wheel in practice. The top speed is electronically cut off at 120 km/h so as to optimise power consumption and therefore range, too. The acceleration figure from 0 to 50 km/h is barely 2.8 seconds - so nobody gets a better head start than you when the lights turn green.

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Battery and charging technology

Technology powered by BMW i.

Technology powered by BMW i.

The energy storage device in the BMW C evolution consists of three modules, each of which has twelve lithium-ion battery cells. Thanks to the battery modules of the latest generation with 94 Ah as opposed to 60 Ah, the range of the C evolution is now up to 160 kilometres (per WMTC).

Entirely waterproof, the battery casing is made of die-cast aluminium and also houses the entire electronic control and charging system. It is both a supporting chassis part and a crash protector for the lithium-ion battery module.

BMW i was the technological inspiration behind the C evolution battery. The high-quality modules are identical to those used in the BMW i3 and are produced at the same plant in Dingolfing. Parts of the electronic control system were also adopted from the i3 and i8. This covers voltage, current and temperature and ensures that the high voltage is securely activated and deactivated.

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A full charge of riding pleasure.

A full charge of riding pleasure.

The battery in the BMW C evolution is charged using the integrated charging device - either at a regular household power socket or at a charging station. The charging plug socket on the vehicle is compatible with the car plug type 1. The standard charger cable has the appropriate national plug to fit household mains sockets. Alternatively it is possible to use a Mode 3 charger cable so as to be able to use public charging stations or wallboxes. This provides access to 16 A current for faster charging.

The short charging times are especially practical in everyday use. As is the new Silent Charge mode, which makes charging slightly longer but much quieter.

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C evolution highlights

Distinctive front.
C evolution Front
Convenient charging.
C evolution charging
Large TFT colour display.
C evolution TFT colour display
Many high quality details.
C evolution Details
Optional Smartphone Cradle.
C evolution Smartphone Cradle
Powerful electric motor.
C evolution electric motor
Side trim panel with graphic.
Side trim panel with graphic
Practical helmet storage compartment.
C evolution helmet storage compartment

Powered by innovation.

Powered by innovation.

The C evolution sets technological standards and is characterised by its great versatility. With its four different riding modes, the C evolution leaves nothing to be desired and promises variable riding perfectly adapted to the rider’s wishes. But innovative features like the practical reverse assist and the anti-slip control thanks to Torque Control Assist (TCA) make one thing very clear: with the C evolution, you are a pioneer of a new movement – uncompromising in terms of riding performance and in environmental compatibility.

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Torque Control Assist (TCA).

To make sure the ample torque remains securely under the control of the driver at all times, the electronic control system monitors rear wheel speed and reduces drive torque when necessary. Torque Control Assist (TCA) works in a similar way to ASC (Automatic Stability Control), preventing uncontrolled rear wheel spin - especially when setting off.

With heavy recuperation and the associated high drag torque, the TCA also prevents the rear wheel from locking, similar to how ABS works during braking, which incidentally is also fitted as standard in the C evolution.
Reverse assist for particularly easy manoeuvring.

A technologically complex feature in scooters with combustion engines, the reverse assistant comes as standard in the BMW C evolution. In the city, this function makes it easier to manoeuvre and exit parking spaces where there is limited space. The reverse assistant is activated by means of a switch on the handlebars, the reverse enablement being displayed on the screen.
Recuperation during braking and acceleration.

The word "recuperate" is of Latin origin and means "recover". In motor vehicle construction the term refers to the technological method of recuperating energy.

The BMW C evolution also features this innovative technology. When the brakes are applied, the electric motor automatically turns into a generator and the brake energy is diverted back to the battery in the form of electrical energy. The result is increased energy efficiency and in turn longer range.

Recuperation involves the generation of artificial drag torque, the strength of which depends on the degree of recuperation. To the rider, this drag torque feels like the familiar "engine brake" that takes effect when removing the accelerator with a combustion engine.
Four riding modes for riding pleasure and efficiency.
The BMW C evolution has four riding modes and the rider can change them during travel using the selector switch on the right-hand side of the handlebars:

medium drag recuperation, maximum acceleration. Standard mode.

Maximum drag recuperation, limited acceleration. Range optimised by +10 to 20%.

Maximum drag recuperation, full acceleration. Enables 'riding without braking'/'one-pedal feel'.

No drag recuperation, full acceleration, torque-free riding. Even gliding with no deceleration.
Multifunctional TFT colour display.

Instead of analogue circular instruments, the BMW C evolution has one central digital display. The large, easily readable TFT colour screen contains all the familiar information and on-board computer functions such as speed, temperature, mileage etc. There is also a battery charge indicator and two bar displays for energy consumption (ePOWER) and recuperation (CHARGE).

In addition to the familiar status indicators, the warning lights also include new symbols which electrically powered vehicles are required to have by law. For example there are lights to indicate a potential insulation error or power limitation in the event of overload.
Hybrid frame with low centre of gravity.

The goal in developing the suspension of the BMW C evolution was to achieve the best of both worlds: the best possible directional stability at high speeds and optimum handling in heavy city traffic. The low centre of gravity provided by the battery facilitates handling and ensures excellent slow running properties.

The integration of electric drive requires a whole new approach to suspension design. The battery casing takes the place of the familiar main frame: this contains the bearing for the single-sided drivetrain swing arm.

The front and rear wheel mounts almost appear conventional. The upside-down fork at the front as a 120 mm spring travel. The rear wheel is guided by the single powertrain swinging arm with 115 mm of spring travel.

The wheels and brakes are from the C 650 Sport or C 650 GT. The standard BMW Motorrad ABS is also based on the 2-channel Bosch system familiar from the two maxi scooters. However, two additional sensors have been integrated for energy recuperation and the ABS software has been adapted accordingly. To control the energy recuperation however, two additional sensors we integrated and the ABS software adjusted.
Tried-and-tested ergonomics and bodyshell.

The body and ergonomics of the BMW C evolution are inspired by its petrol-powered sibling, the C 650 Sport. The sports-style windshield provides sufficient protection in an urban setting as well giving the rider a good overall view. The high windscreen, available as an optional accessory, provides more comfort and improved wind protection.

The vehicle weighs 275 kg, which is slightly heavier than the BMW maxi scooters with combustion engine. This relatively low additional weight is achieved by the use of modern composite materials.

Practical storage space solutions.
Under the generously sized passenger seat there is storage space for an integral helmet and other items. Alternatively, there's plenty of room for the daily groceries or a bag. The lockable right-hand compartment in the footwell holds the charger cable or other small items and features a 12 V socket. The large topcase, available as an optional accessory, offers even more storage space.

A seat to suit the rider. Alongside the standard seat with a seat height of 785 mm, a 765 mm comfort seat is also available with a lower seat tilt – for added comfort.

More individuality

Special equipment and accessories.

The extensive range of special equipment and original BMW Motorrad accessories rounds of this deliberate electro maxi scooter.

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