R 1200 GS Adventure

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The BMW R 1200 GS Adventure.

Keeping the ideal grip on adventure.

Do you love extreme, long tours, even on bumpy roads? Do you enjoy stony paths or the wilderness? Whether it's asphalt, offroad, rocks or sand: the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure has the right answers to every challenge with its light, agile handling. A machine for all those who want to go to their limits - and grow beyond them. Or put more simply: a machine for the real adventure-lovers among you. Those who really want to put their superiority to the test in a new way every time and of course, having a great deal of riding fun in doing so.

The design of the R 1200 GS Adventure

Choose your style.

Maybe dust and mud is your idea of style when it comes to the R 1200 GS Adventure. But we can make your GS Adventure even more individual still - for besides our dynamic basic colour, we've developed two further bike styles for you.

    Racing red

    Racing red as your basic colour will lend your bike a highly distinctive look for every mile it covers.

    Rallye style

    With the rallye style, in Light white and the main frame colour Cordoba blue, ambitious Offroad riders really get their money's worth.

    Exclusive style

    The Exclusive style, in Black storm metallic, the tank cover dark slate metallic matt and the main frame colour Achat grey, places the focus on a confident appearance.

    Design: Impressive presence.

    The R 1200 GS Adventure is up for quests of all types. And ready for any type of challenge too. There's no mistaking it - with its powerful, robust and dynamic design, one look will tell you all you need to know about its character. Its wind, weather and engine guards lend it a highly distinctive look, with the bike's visual focus moved further to the fore. The powerful splash guard on the R 1200 GS Adventure gives it a feisty appearance. It's simply ready to master any difficulties with aplomb any time at all. The unmistakable 30 litre tank gives it a defiant look.

    The R 1200 GS Adventure promises to always ride on – no matter what the challenge.  

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    Twin-cylinder boxer engine

    kW (125 HP) at 7,750 rpm
    mm seat height
    litre fuel tank capacity
    kg maximum load
    Air/liquid-cooled four-stroke twin-cylinder boxer engine

    Reliable and powerful.

    Reliable and powerful.

    Regardless of where you're off to: the R 1200 GS Adventure is always a dynamic companion. And inspired by the legendary boxer torque of 125 Nm and 92 kW (125 HP) from a water-cooled twin-cylinder four-stroke engine. Its cooling concept rests on a combination of air and liquid cooling. Resulting in efficiency, high torque and above all: reliability.

    The wet clutch with anti-hopping function and the electric throttle make the R 1200 GS Adventure into the ideal companion to those for whom no way is too far – or two rocky.

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    Experience the sound of the R 1200 GS Adventure

    The highlights of the R 1200 GS Adventure

    Tank and engine protection bar.
    R 1200 GS Adventure tank and engine protection bar
    Beak extension.
    R 1200 GS Adventure Beak extension
    30 litre fuel tank made of aluminium.
    R 1200 GS Adventure 30 litre fuel tank made of aluminium
    Large windscreen.
    R 1200 GS Adventure large windscreen
    Comfortable seat.
    R 1200 GS Adventure comfortable seat
    Practical storage compartment.
    R 1200 GS Adventure practical storage compartment
    Stainless steel luggage carrier.
    R 1200 GS Adventure stainless steel luggage carrier
    Cross-spoke wheels.
    R 1200 GS Adventure cross-spoke wheels

    A lot of equipment. More riding fun.

    An innovative highlight of the R 1200 GS and a "must-have" for the modern adventurer – BMW Motorrad Connectivity. This new optional equipment shows you everything about your motorcycle in a smart way and on a 6.5 inch TFT display. Connect your Smartphone to your bike via Bluetooth and use functions via the multi-controller on the handlebars such as smartphone-based navigation, accept calls or even make calls, media functions like selecting and listening to music from your smartphone playlist, or use it even more vehicle information intuitively, without becoming too distracted from riding. For some functions, the BMW Motorrad Connected App is also required.

    Another novelty in terms of optional equipment is the "intelligent emergency call": A system built into the handlebars that is initiated in case of emergency either manually at the press of a button or - depending on the situation - automatically, and in so doing activates the rescue chain. In so doing, it supports faster aid by the rescue services – regardless of where you currently find yourself.  

    The practical equipment that comes as standard with the touring enduro caters for all your needs: two standard driving modes – "Rain" and "Road" – are available at the press of a button and offer your two entirely different, optimally coordinated driving styles.  

    Other modes are also available as "Pro riding modes" optional equipment. The corresponding "Dynamic" and "Enduro" driving modes ensure greater options on your quest for adventure. With built in coding plug, the Dynamic riding mode becomes Dynamic Pro and Enduro becomes Enduro Pro. In so doing, it is more customisable.

    The fuel tank capacity of 30 litres gives you independence on your journey – for those very long stages. In addition, you have an on-board computer at your disposal: for the perfect journey organization and to display important data like doubled trip computer, average consumption and fuel range. Equally practical is the storage compartment above the tank. With this, any small items you have will be to hand at all times.

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    Optional equipment BMW Motorrad Connectivity

    BMW Motorrad Connectivity provides motorcyclists with an innovative solution for daily navigation, using multimedia and riding-related information with the clearest layout and intuitive operations: connecting the motorcycle, smartphone and helmet via Bluetooth results in completely new possibilities. The multi-controller ensures that the functions are easy to operate at all times. The traditional electronic instrument cluster gives way to a large, clear TFT display, which gives the rider constant access to navigation, phone calls, media and additional vehicle information as well as information that was previously displayed, such as speed and revs. On top of this, there are more additional functions available with the free BMW Motorrad Connected App. Connectivity gives motorcyclists the opportunity to focus on what really matters once again: the streets waiting to be discovered.

    Optional equipment "intelligent emergency call": ECALL system, the quick aid in case of accidents and in emergency situations

    The good feeling is always along for the ride. BMW Motorrad is the first manufacturer to provide the "intelligent emergency call" ex works: a system fitted firmly on the handlebar, which in case of emergency can independently and automatically trigger the rescue chain and in so doing facilitate faster aid from the emergency services. The "intelligent emergency call" automatically becomes active following a light to heavy accident. But the rider can also manually trigger an emergency call at the push of a button, if for instance he/she has observed an accident. After activating the system, either automatically or manually, the GPS data of the location and the direction of travel of the motorcycle is sent via mobile phone connection to a BMW call centre. From here, the rescue chain is activated. For fast, precise help. Enabling you to jump head first into every adventure with a feeling of safety.

    Optional equipment Pro riding modes with "Dynamic Pro" and "Enduro Pro" and Hill Start Control

    The correct mode can be set with just one press of the button or else adapted to the driver in the Pro driving modes - there's no need for breaks on adventures! Simply by switching between the riding modes, you can react in a matter of seconds to varying terrain; brake intervention, attuning the suspension elements, and also the electronic control systems ABS Pro and DTC as well as the engine characteristics via the throttle response. The "Dynamic Pro" riding mode which can be activated with the aid of the coding plug ensures a generally more firmly attuned motorcycle for a sporty ride on the road. Switching to "Enduro Pro" ensures perfect traction on loose surfaces. A soft throttle response and restrained control intervention of the Enduro ASC make riding on loose terrain a whole new experience. In addition, the Pro riding mode offers Hill Start Control HSC, by means of which the rear wheel brake can be held on with the aid of the handbrake lever.

    Optional equipment Dynamic ESA "next Generation" with automatic riding position compensation

    The R 1200 GS Adventure can now also optionally be fitted with the latest generation of Dynamic ESA. With automatic damping adjustment system and riding position compensation, the ride comfort and ride stability are once again increased. Completely without shifting, the best traction is always achieved on all road surfaces whilst at the same time ensuring optimal ride stability. The expanded sensor system that adapts the motorcycle to countless ride conditions takes care of this. The automatic adjustment of the chassis to the load ensures impressive light handling and maintains the accuracy of the R 1200 GS Adventure.

    More individuality

    Special equipment and accessories.

    A new challenge every time. Never the same route twice. No familiar routes. Thanks to the wide range of special equipment and original BMW Motorrad accessories, you can put together your very own R 1200 GS Adventure exactly how you want it.

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